Flora - Gail Godwin

I was walking in the pool lane and ran into Charlotte,a summer friend. We asked after each other. We hadn't seen each other for 10 months, and then asked after our only daughters, girls around 30. Then we got around to books. Each of us had a recommendation . Mine was Flora, by Gail Godwin. Every reader, calls Godwin an old friend. We all have a favorite Godwin novel.
I was only 70 percent done this afternoon, but I recommended Flora. I said, "I think you'll like Flora, but I don't know what happens." I knew that this sleepy little book set in North Carolina during 1945 about 11 year old Helen, a character like Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird spending the summer with her mother's cousin, Flora , a 22 year old innocent who reminded me of Boo Radley , would not end well, but would end beautifully.
I was correct. As I finished this book which is set in a quiet old house haunted by Helen's recently deceased grandmother and her long deceased mother, I was left with a fine pencil drawing of a young girl who thinks too much about appearances and an even finer image of a young woman who thinks nothing of images and concerns herself only with love and nourishing those around her with food and bits of herself which she serves unselfishly, in generous portions.