A Sport of Nature - Nadine Gordimer

A Sport of Nature is a fictional history of the end of Apartheid . It is the story of a white Jewish privileged girl who is abandoned by her parents and brought up by her aunts. She doesn't fit in with her her up tight Aunt Olga or her liberal do gooder ,Aunt, Pauline. 
At about age 16 or 17 Hillela is discovered in her cousin's bed. From this point, she uproots herself totally from her family and becomes "The Sport of Nature," a spontaneous mutation.
It is the 60's,70's even the 80's Hillella is true to herself. She finds comfort and gives comfort to the people she meets. Both men and women find her bright , charming, innocent and wise. Though she accepts aid from many, I can't think of a character who admits to feeling used. She is tremendously loyal to her friends and lovers, though sexual fidelity is not a concept to her.
The novel starts in South Africa and travels through many emerging countries in Africa, England and the U.S. The reader is taken through the unimproved homes of black Africans and the luxurious suites and manor like homes of the ambassadors, the affluent whites and the affluent blacks. Hillella, a high school drop out, manages to be integrally involved in Ivy League College lecturing,the inner sanctum in the revolution of South Africa and a mother. I think she might be the muse for Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In. This is not an easy or quick read. Nadine Gordimer Is always insightful and challenging.