Citizen Vince - Jess Walter

I don't usually buy or read books about convicted felons, but I just discovered Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruins. I decided to give Citizen Vince a try,
Vince immediately tells us that he is in a witness protection program, and that he deals in pot and stolen credit cards. His friends are hustlers, card sharks and hookers. His day job is donut maker at Donut Make You Hungry in Spokane. He trusts them as much as he trusts himself.
Vince is a good-bad guy like Paul Newman and Robert Redford were in The Sting. He is smart, shadey, manipulative, not violent, but strong, dependable and good hearted.
His scams began early and have colored his aspirations. A turning point for him is the election between Carter and Reagan. Walter seems to enjoy putting some real events in his fiction. It's fun. Hence the title Citizen Vince. Whether you like or dislike Carter, you probably believe that he was honest to himself.
Vince's journey, like Carter's presidency was pretty rough and tumble. I loved that in order to impress a girl, he read books. I find that sexy.
This is an entertaining book. The characters sre strongly drawn. If you're going to spend time with a felon, I suggest Vince, because he's smart and charming.