The Truth is horrifying.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers - Katherine Boo

This is much scarier than any STEPHEN KING novel. I KEPT ON ASKING HOW THIS COULD NOT BE FICTION. I knew that Mumbai was impoverished, in the past. Yet , I read about the growing middle and professional classes. I saw specials on TV, which showed beautiful new apartment complexes. 
According to Boo's book,the "Undercity" is still there. It is being squished as the planners grab every inch from the poor. The corruption of every institution is more pervasive than I can imagine. I wished that this was a novel. This is an important read, but not preachy. It is hard to read because the details of life which I take for granted, are not even dreams for the scavengers of Mumbai. In one day, I throw away a garbage recyclers' fortune. This is a must read for anyone who thinks that he has a hard life. Although, the tale is of abject poverty and sanctioned cruelty by corrupt institutions and those with a little bit of power, the people (not characters) are well developed and memorable. Although, their destinies are pretty much predetermined, they have their dreams and try to get ahead by working, saving, and being creative. Some people can not hold to their dreams and give up. Who can blame them? Others leap at any chance to attain their dreams. I can not forget this book.