Feathers and Fuss

I liked old Filth because it tells a story I never heard before. The main character is English, though born in Malasia. It seems that children were frequently schooled in England with little or no contact with their parents. I've watched lots of PBS series which took place in Asia and everyone was so English. I didn't realize that many families were sliced open and then glued back.
This novel tells of the trauma this practice can cause. It also hints of a mystery. There is a lot of foreboding, but little explanation. Feathers, the main character, has an intense antagonism with an old colleague. Feathers's wife, Betty, and her old friends are characters, but they are also unsettling. Why would Betty bury pearls?
This reminded me of Finkler's Question. Feathers is telling his past and his present. This is interesting, but sort of a down.

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